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Foundation & Marine Pilings

Carpenter Pole & Piling provides both foundation and marine pilings to contractors, both direct and wholesale. We work with many different companies to provide residential foundation pilings for commercial projects like hotels, outlet malls, schools, and factories. Thanks to the consistent quality of our products, our pilings have been used for everything from small residential projects to massive refinery projects.

How We Make Our Pilings

All of our pilings are made from Southern Yellow Pine, and are kiln-dried before treatment to ensure the best possible protection against rot and insect damage. We can deliver our pilings locally and out-of-state, and even ship them overseas via multiple ports Nationwide.

Our main types of pilings include foundation and marine pilings, including boathouse, piering, and dock pilings. We keep an inventory of pilings ranging from 20 feet to 85 feet in stock at all times, ready to deliver. Our pilings are treated with CCA. The treatments we provide for pilings include:

✓ .80 CCA
✓ 1.0 CCA
✓ 2.5 CCA

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